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Workshop «Developing sustainable and globally competitive clusters in the regions»

For whom

Managers and specialists involved into the processes of territory development, Heads of companies

Up to 40 people


6 - 8 hours

Objectives of the workshop

Enrich the vision on global trends, current competitive management models for companies and projects, from regional and world perspectives
  • Understand principles of cluster performance and management, development of innovations in it
  • Form better collaboration among already active and potential cluster participants
  • Find new opportunities for you yourself, your region, companies and projects using cluster approach
Define clusters and understand why they are considered to be one of the key instruments for competition and development in the 21st century, why companies, industries and territories need them

The content of the seminar

  1. What is cluster and how it works for development of regional economy?
  2. Resources, ecosystem and KPI of cluster
  3. Cross-cluster interaction and professional communities
  4. Innovation and сlusters
  5. Development and management of clusters
  6. Clusters in Russia: success stories, challenges, opportunities
  7. Development of recommendations for clusters, region, companies, universities and organizations
Inspiring successful energy!
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