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Workshop «Things managers don’t think about»

For whom

Managers, HR, internal coaches, talent pool

up to 20 people


4 hours

Objectives of the workshop

To acquaint the participants with the experimentally-based knowledge on reality of human activity – motive-stimulus environment, the role of work in our lives.
Which conditions provide the best balance of performance and satisfaction?
What are the goals and objectives really motivating us to reach the goals?
Our educational and consulting products in «Mind Extenders» are based on the results of research and experiments, which are usually related to behavioral economics, economic psychology, neurobiology.

The content of the seminar

  1. Sources of high performance and satisfaction for intellectual and physical labor.
  2. Why "reducing demotivation" may be more important than "increasing motivation"?
  3. How precise goal-setting and high reward can impair results?
  4. What exactly happens without feedback?
  5. How labor productivity differs within "social" and "market" norms?
Not all obvious solution are correct, not all the correct solutions are obvious.
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